Manny Pacquiao got knocked the f*ck out! (VIDEO)


Everybody is chatting about how boxer Manny Pacquiao got knocked the f*ck out by Juan Manuel Marquez!

If you have not seen the video yet, take a look——->here.


Manny had his dome rocked! He told the media:

“He [Maarquez] caught me with my hand down…That was an error and we corrected it. We worked strength, we worked speed and you can see the result…I got hit by a punch I didn’t see.”

Pacquiao, who is known for his powerful punches in boxing, was defeated by a bulked up Marquez, who was clearly the stronger contestant in this battle. And no Mayweather fans, he won’t be retiring.

Yahoo! Sports reported that Pacquiao earned at least $25 million for the bout, Top Rank president Todd duBoef said. Marquez was guaranteed $6 million and will probably wind up making around $10 million.

I haven’t seen anyone get cold cocked like that in forever. Whew! And because we’re us at SLC, we can’t talk about someone getting their ass whipped without poking fun at it! Take a look at Black Sports Online’s funniest social media memes of Pacquiao getting knocked on his ass right here.


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